About CTC

The Colorado Tree Coalition is a volunteer organization whose mission is “leading statewide efforts to preserve, renew, and enhance community forests.” The CTC Executive Committee and Board met in August of 2011 and updated the CTC’s 5-year Strategic Plan.

Increased funding from the Community Forestry Assistance Act in the early 1990’s allowed the Colorado Tree Coalition (CTC) to grow from modest beginnings as a group of metro foresters into a statewide non-profit. The CTC incorporated in 1995 with a mission to lead statewide efforts to preserve, renew and enhance community forests. Since incorporating as a non-profit in 1995, the Colorado Tree Coalition (CTC) has grown, branched out and extended our reach to all corners of Colorado and into neighboring states.

The Colorado Tree Coalition (CTC) is a volunteer, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization who works closely with partners such as the U.S. Forest Service, Colorado State Forest Service, Xcel Energy, and several corporate and private sponsors. The CTC provides programs and services to communities across Colorado. Programs administered by CTC include the Champion Tree, Tree Risk Assessment and Fifth Grade Arbor Day Poster Contest programs. Additionally, the Trees Across Colorado program provides low cost trees to Colorado communities, and the ReForest Colorado program helps communities recover from natural disasters. CTC is a membership driven organization, and it encourages individuals, organizations, and communities across Colorado to become a member and get involved.

Learn about all the Colorado Tree Coalition programs with this narrated PowerPoint presentation created by Susan Hardin.



The executive Committee is responsible for the day to day operations of the Colorado Tree Coalition and is selected by and from the Board of Directors.


The accomplishments of the Colorado Tree Coalition are due to the help and support of the Board of Directors and the hard-working programs and committee members.

The Board of Directors is the managing group of the organization.  It is comprised of chapter members, invited representation from tree related organizations, and the immediate past president.

If you are interested in volunteering for a specific program or have any questions regarding a Colorado Tree Coalition program please contact the Program Leader by e-mail.

Executive Committee
President: David Flaig
Vice President: Nancy Biekarck
Secretary: Becky Wegner
Treasurer: Scott Grimes
At Large: Chuck Gehringer
At Large: Neal Bamesberger
Executive Administrator: Vince Urbina

Colorado Tree Coalition – Board of Directors

Front Range Urban Forestry Council
(Front Range Representatives):
Chuck Gehringer
Allison Steere
Nancy Biekarck
Luke Killoran

Bryan McCoy
Micaela Truslove

Executive CTC Administrator: Vince Urbina**
American Forests / Champion Trees: Neal Bamesberger**
Colorado State Forest Service Representative: Donna Davis
Immediate Past President: Karen Scopel**
Industry Liaison Representative (Tree Company): Becky Wegner**
Industry Liaison Representative (Wood Utilization): Dan Odell
Community Representative: Kyle Sylvester
International Society of Arboriculture Representative: Becky Wegner
Society of American Foresters Representative/CTC Historian: Phil Hoefer
Trees Across Colorado Representative: Gertie Grant
American Society Landscape Architects Representative: David Flaig**
American Society of Consulting Arborists Representative: Scott Grimes
Society of Municipal Arborists Representative: Mike McGill


Board Development Committee

Continue the task of building and maintaining a diverse board of directors as a regular assessment; to analyze and revise chapter representation; begin to develop a job description for a paid Executive Director, succession planning for replacement board members/committee members/etc.

Chuck Gehringer cgehringer@ci.broomfield.co.us – City of Broomfield
Becky Wegner – Mountain High Tree Service
Vince Urbina – Colorado State Forest Service

Funding Committee

Create funding database to track potential sponsors; attract and maintain membership base.

Scott Grimes coloradotreeconsultants@yahoo.com – Colorado Tree Consultants
Karen Scopel – City of Greeley
Neal Bamesberger – Koon Landscape and Design
Vince Urbina – Colorado State Forest Service

Marketing & Outreach Committee

Determine needs of committees/programs to market their activities. Telling story, getting branded and getting the CTC “out there”.

Mike McGill mmcgill@erieco.gov – Town of Erie
Gertie Grant – Trees Across Colorado
Tom Wells – City & County of Broomfield
Vince Urbina – Colorado State Forest Service
Dan Odell – TC Woods

Membership program
Karen Duez ktduez@msn.com

Awards Program
CTC Executive Committee

CTC Grant Program
Vince Urbina Vince.Urbina@Colostate.edu and David Flaig

Champion Tree Bike Classic
Scott Grimes coloradotreeconsultants@yahoo.com and David Flaig

Champion Tree Program
Neal Bamesberger nbamesberg871@hotmail.com, Kyle Sylvester, Ben Rickenbacker and Vince Urbina

Community Forestry Conferences
Eastern Colorado Communities: Donna Davis Donna.Davis@ColoState.edu
Western Colorado Communities: Vince Urbina Vince.Urbina@ColoState.edu

Colorado Tree Trust & ReForest Colorado Funds
Colorado Tree Trust: Scott Grimes coloradotreeconsultants@yahoo.com
ReForest Colorado: Donna Davis Donna.Davis@ColoState.edu

Tree Risk Assessment Program
Vince Urbina Vince.Urbina@ColoState.edu, Bill Cassel, Mike McGill, Scott Grimes, Kyle Sylvester

Poster Contest
Kyle Sylvester KSylvester@brightonco.gov, Donna Davis, David Merriman, Doug Schoch

Annual Report, Social Media and Website
Annual Report: Karen Duez ktduez@msn.com
Website: Karen Duez ktduez@msn.com
Facebook: Mike McGill mmcgill@erieco.gov, Kyle Sylvester KSylvester@brightonco.gov and Laurel Brabec

Notable Tree Program 
Mike McGill mmcgill@erieco.gov, Karen Scopel, Kyle Sylvester, Neal Bamesberger, Kathleen Alexander, Phil Hoefer, Rich Thurau

Tree Collections
Mike McGill mmcgill@erieco.gov, Kyle Sylvester, Neal Bamesberger, Chuck Gehringer, Scott Grimes

Select Tree Evaluation Program
Kendra Boot kboot@fcgov.com, Gertie Grant

Trees Across Colorado
Gertie Grant gertiegrant@estreet.com, David Flaig

Emerald Ash Borer
Vince Urbina vince.urbina@colostate.edu,  Tom Wells, David Flaig, Kyle Sylvester, Shiloh Hatcher, Rob Davis, Mike McGill, Kathleen Alexander, Jay Hein