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SCIENTIFIC NAME: Thuja occidentalis
FAMILY: Cupressaceae

This tree in Colorado Commonly used for foundation plantings just like the numerous varieties of juniper. Typical uses include screens, hedging or accent plants. Unlike the subdued juniper colors there are selections of arborvitae that come in vivid colors of yellow to green in many sizes and shapes.

Hardiness Zones 4 to 6.

Growth habit A medium rate grower usually not over 20 feet tall for most selections. Can be as wide as it is tall.

Foliage Scale-like usually in flat fan shape ascending branches.

Fruit Seeds are borne in oblong light brown to brown cone-like structures.

Bark Well hidden by the foliage usually brown. Insignificant since it is usually shielded by the foliage.

Landscape value Useful tree where variety and color are important. Because of the fan-like foliage heavy wet snows can disfigure the tree. But the fan shaped foliage does add a unique texture in the landscape.