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Christmas Tree



Growth habit Pyramidal and full with branches almost to the ground. This tree is fairly common but usually only appears between November and December. Under favorable conditions, it can last well into January.

Foliage Needles are usually dark green in color. Colorful growth forms usually appear. These vary in size, shape, and color depending on the climate where the tree is located. Often times, an abnormal growth can be seen at the top of the tree. It usually takes the pattern of a star or angel.

Fruit This tree has been known to produce high quality fruit. Fruit usually appears at the base of the tree starting in early December. For some unexplained reason, most of the fruit disappears on or around December 25.

Problems This tree is fairly resistant to insect and disease problems. However, it should be noted that cats, dogs, and young children have often been known to uproot this tree, causing it to topple.

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