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Miyabe Maple

Miyabe Maple Image 1
Miyabe Maple Image 2

Family: Aceraceae

This Tree in Colorado:  The Miyabe Maple, with its upright-oval to rounded shape, makes an ideal specimen or shade tree. Its green leaves turn a pale yellow in the fall. The species prefers moist, well-drained soils.

Growth Rate: Fast growing.

Landscape Use:  The tree can grow to 60 feet in height and 50 feet in width, so be sure to give the tree plenty of above and below-ground space to grow.  Can work well as a street tree.

Hardiness:  Zone 4-8.  Has shown good tolerance of temperature extremes as low as -30° F.

Leaves:  Mostly 5-lobed, with dark green above and olive green on the lower surface. Leaves turn rapidly to pale yellow in the fall and fall shortly after.

Flowers:  Greenish-yellow, borne in slender-stalked pyramidal corymbs.

Bark:  Grayish and scaly in long strips.

Insects and Disease:  None significant at this time

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