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Sugar Maple

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SCIENTIFIC NAME: Acer saccharum
FAMILY: Aceraceae

This Tree in Colorado:  The Sugar Maple is one of the best shade and lawn trees for larger areas. It has a pleasing growth habit and beautiful fall color.

Growth Rate: Slow to moderate.

Landscape Use:  This tree commonly grows up to around 75′ high, but has been known to occasionally grow as tall as 120′. The spread usually equals about two-thirds of the tree’s height. Likes ample space; does not thrive in crowded or polluted conditions.

Hardiness:  Usually zones 4-8; some cultivars are heat tolerant up to zones 7-8.

Leaves:  3-5 lobed leaves are medium to dark green in summer and can turn a variety of colors in fall, from brilliant yellow to burnt orange to red depending on the tree.

Flowers:  Subtle flowers are greenish yellow.

Bark:  Smooth and grey-brown in youth; deeply furrowed with irregular thick plates or ridges with age.

Insects and Disease:  While this tree is generally healthy, excessive drought conditions can make it susceptible to leaf scorch and Verticillium wilt.

Information Sources:
Dirr, Michael Dr., “Manual of Woody Landscape Plants,” 1998.

Photo Credit:
Neal Bamesberger