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Ussurian Pear


SCIENTIFIC NAME: Pyrus ussuriensis
FAMILY: Rosaceae

Hardiness Zone 3B. Hardiest of all pears..

Growth habit Dense, round headed growth. Mature height 25′-35′, mature width 25′-35′. Annual growth 12-18 inches.

Foliage Glossy green in summer changing to reddish-purple in the fall.

Flowers Pink fading to white, slightly larger than 1 inch. Flowers in April-May.

Fruit Small, greenish yellow. Not usually edible, very grainy.

Insects and diseases Least susceptible of all pears to fireblight.

Landscape value In colder climates it is a valuable ornamental. Excellent floral display in early spring. Trees do not bloom fully for approximately 10 years.

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