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Shadblow Serviceberry


Shadblow Serviceberry, also called Juneberry Amelanchier canadensis, can be either a tall shrub or small tree, grown in a clump or single stem. Many different species of serviceberry are found throughout North America. In the nursery trade many different cultivars can be found.

It grows to a height of 15-25′, with a similar rounded crown spread, which lends itself to growing in smaller spaces and under power lines. It is adaptable to varying moisture and light conditions. The leaves are 1-3″ long and almost circular, coarsely toothed and medium green. One of its selling points is the brilliant orangish-red fall foliage.

The serviceberry flowers in late April-May, with small clusters of fragrant white flowers, the petals about 1/2″ long. The fruit is fleshy , reddish-purple, 1/4-1/2″ in diameter, and are edible. Many birds and animals feed on the berries, which mature June-August. The fruit makes a good jelly as well.