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David Elm

David Elm Image 1

David Elm Image 2

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Ulmus davidiana
FAMILY: Ulmaceae

This tree in Colorado: This tree exhibits excellent cold-hardiness and drought tolerance and is resistant to Dutch elm disease, elm yellows, European elm scale and elm leaf beetle. It has a vase-shaped growth habit and is said to resemble the American elm in appearance. Its relatively small size makes it ideal for a variety of landscapes

Growth Rate:  Fast growing.

Landscape Use:  Grows as tall as 45′ and is nearly as wide as it is tall.

Hardiness Zones 3 to 9.

Leaves:  Large, thick leaves are glossy green, turning yellow in the fall.

Flowers: Inconspicuous.

Bark:  Bark remains smooth for a comparatively long time before becoming vertically fissured.

Insects and Disease:  Good resistance to Dutch elm disease, elm yellows and elm leaf beetle.

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