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Manzano Maple

Manzano Maple Image 1
Manzano Maple Image 2

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Acer grandidentatum
FAMILY: Aceraceae

This Tree in Colorado:  Named for the Manzano Mountains in New Mexico where the seeds of these trees originated, the Manzano Maple is a type of Bigtooth or Western Sugar Maple. It has a round, spreading growth habit and beautiful fall color.

Growth Rate: Moderate.

Landscape Use:  This tree commonly grows up to 20′-30′ high with a broad canopy.

Hardiness:  Zones 4-7.

Leaves:  Leaves are medium to dark green in summer and can turn a variety of colors in fall, from brilliant yellow to burnt orange to red, depending on the tree.

Flowers:  Subtle flowers are greenish yellow.

Bark:  Smooth and grey-brown in youth; with age, deeply furrowed with irregular thick plates or ridges.

Insects and Disease:  No

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